How is AI Changing SEO? Is it Better or Worse?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and with Chat GPT, it has become the talk of the town again. The ever-changing technology is bringing evolution in every industry, and digital marketing is no different.

Modern-day marketing is different from traditional ways of marketing. As the world is becoming more digitised, it is important for businesses to also make efforts and stand apart from their competitors. Today’s customers are hard to please as they have numerous options at the tip of their fingers. Everything is available on the internet, and search engines make it easier for customers to find relevant results.

Just as AI is affecting every industry in the world, it also has a great impact on SEO. Some people still believe that AI cannot produce high-quality content as it uses machine language and lacks the human touch, whereas some people think highly of it. 

There’s no doubt that technology is evolving fast, and we need to roll with it. In the UK, the top digital marketing agencies understand the importance of using AI for marketing. It is expected that there can be an outburst of content in the coming years as new AI tools are making it easier for marketers to generate content for websites. It might have been possible for you to handle SEO before, but as the technology is getting more complicated, you might need to get a professional SEO service in London.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing tool that enables websites to rank higher on Google. Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows relevant sites while the users search for their queries. Google is the most used search engine in the world, which makes it a priority for marketers. Brands need to rank higher on the search engine, so their website becomes more visible and credible for the audiences. Unless you are ready to spend tons of money on paid Google ads, SEO is your only option. It allows you to rank at the top and compete with big brands without requiring any money.

SEO brings organic traffic and growth to your business. It is especially more beneficial for small businesses that don’t have enough resources to run paid ads on Google. You can simply hire the best SEO agency in the UK and let their team handle your SEO strategies. They have the expertise you need to rank higher on the platform organically. You can also try to manage your website’s SEO yourself, but it can be difficult and will take a long time to bring results. Hence, hiring professionals is your best shot for organic growth.

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Google and AI

Google has always used AI to generate results for users. It uses crawlers and indexers to determine which website goes on which rank. The users do not always want a single answer for anything; there are queries where there are multiple answers, and the users might want to look further to get more in-depth information. AI tools are responsible for recommending relevant results to the users. 

Search engines cannot work without AI, but as AI is being used to generate content now, it can be said that things are getting tougher. While it might be true that AI-generated content is not as humanised and can be easily detected if a creator has used Chat GPT to generate content, it’s also true that a large number of creators are using AI tools to generate content now. The easier it is to generate content, the more content there will be for the search engine to crawl. Google will need more crawlers to ensure that every optimised website on the platform is crawled and recommended to the users. 

Ranking high on Google can become tougher in the future because the more people generate good content, the worse the competition becomes. In this case, you need to focus on the following two strategies.

Create AI-Driven Content

AI-driven content is getting more effective nowadays, and more and more businesses are adding it to their websites. AI-driven content refers to concise and to-the-point content for users when they are looking for straight answers. It can be how-to guides and FAQs that answer potential questions that users might have. When most marketers and business owners are creating content in bulk, you should focus on creating AI-driven content so the algorithm can identify it easily.

Use Quality Instead of Quantity

This is no news that Google wants you to post quality content on your website. Google gives utmost importance to user experience and only recommends content that’s valuable for the users. If you post regularly, but your content is not up to the mark, Google will have no reason to recommend it to the audience. You should ensure that you create quality content; even if it’s not much, the quality shouldn’t be compromised.

Strategies for SEO Content While Keeping AI in Mind

Following are some strategies that will help you boost your growth and stay relevant with the rise of AI.

Understand Your Audience

You should always know who you are catering to. Not understanding your audience will only make you less relevant and useful. You are creating content for the users; hence, knowing them is the first thing you need to do. Do your research about your target audience and see what kind of things they like and search for. You can use this knowledge to create a buyer’s persona and then create content based on that. Make sure that you give all the right answers to your users. With AI becoming stronger day by day, it can be said that understanding your audiences might also become easier for you.

Prove That You Are Human

As AI has created many tools to generate computerised content, it is also getting tough for Google to differentiate between content generated by AI and humans. While AI content might be easy, it cannot replace the human touch. Users need to connect with the content in order to relate to it. One way to prove that the content is generated by humans is by adding the writer’s name and details on the page. This way, Google will know that the content is created by humans, and the chances of ranking will also increase.

Enhance User Experience

Good quality content is important to rank higher on Google, but it is not all it takes. You need to enhance user experience with the help of your content. Give valuable information to the users and also try to interact with them. For example, if the user is looking at the cost of a house on your website, give them a calculator to calculate the additional cost of the house. 

Create Unique Content

You can easily find similar content on Google because there are many businesses that are offering similar services and products to users. Their content is also similar, which means they have less chance of ranking. You need to bring uniqueness to your content so Google knows that you are creating new content and not just reproducing old content to rank higher. The creativity of your content will take you higher on SERP.

Use Structured Data

It is important to use structured data on your website. Unstructured data is difficult to understand for both the users and the search engine. You should make sure that you follow the proper structure of content creation. Use headings H1, H2, H3, H4, etc., to ensure that users find your content easy to understand. Using structured data also increases your chances of getting ranked higher with voice searches as it allows the crawlers to understand the content more easily and makes it user-friendly.

Use Credible Links

Linking is an important part of SEO. It is Google’s way of knowing that the content you have posted is credible. If you don’t add references to your content, Google might think the information is incorrect. Hence, adding links to credible sources is important to prove that your information is correct and up-to-date. You can also add links to your own pages in your content that will help users visit more of your pages. It also increases your dwell time as users will stay on your website for longer.

Content Should be Fresh

Do not add outdated information to your content. Google only wants to recommend relevant and updated results to its users. It requires websites to have real-time data so they can easily recommend the content to the users without any hesitation. The more fresh your content is, the better the chances of getting ranked on Google. You can also keep your old content fresh but continuously update the information. If you don’t update information on your existing content, it will sit idle, while Google will only crawl new content on your website. Updating your old content from time to time is essential if you don’t want to waste your efforts.

How is AI Revolutionising SEO?

Keyword Research

Keywords were always an important part of SEO. You cannot expect to rank higher on Google without using relevant keywords in your content. With AI, keyword research and content optimisation have become easier as it can automatically improve tasks like understanding the relationship between keywords, identifying search trends, and predicting user behaviour. AI can detect the best-performing content and give recommendations for improvement. AI can also help generate meta tags, headings, and other on-page elements that are important for SEO.

Predictive SEO

Predictive SEO is a concept that involves using AI for future predictions related to SEO. It helps businesses in predicting future changes in SEO and its algorithms. AI also helps them in predicting user behaviour which also helps in the improvement of SEO. Businesses can stay ahead of their competitors by using this technology. This concept also helps businesses identify trending topics on the internet and create content for them. They can also adjust their strategies if AI suggests that there’s a potential update in the algorithm.

Visual Search Optimisation

We’re sure all of us have used voice search at least once in our lives, but how many of us have used visual search?

Visual search optimisation is a new idea that allows users to search for products by showing a picture instead of using text. Platforms like Google Lens and Pinterest Lens use AI for this purpose, and this makes browsing even easier for users. However, to capitalise on visual search, the users must optimise their content with relevant meta tags. This makes it easier for search engines to index the content for visual search results.

Positive Effects of AI on SEO

AI has affected SEO in the business world quite significantly. There are positive and negative impacts of this technology, but the following are the positive effects that have changed the game of SEO.

Better User Experience

Customers these days highly appreciate it when they get what they expect. It is important to understand your audience before you start marketing your products and services. AI has enabled search engines to recommend better content to users. It has made content creation more personalised and straight to the point. It also emphasises improving interactions between customers and the brand. All this adds up to creating a better user experience for the customers.

Easier Browsing

Browsing was never difficult as all the users had to do was type their query, and Google would present the most relevant results within seconds. However, AI has made it easier. Now the users don’t have to type anything. Instead, they can say what they are searching for, and voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and others can show them relevant results. Voice search optimisation has been a good update in SEO, and it has made browsing more fun. It is also easier to rank higher if your content is optimised for voice search.

More Accuracy

Computers are more accurate than humans at any time of the day. As humans, we are more than capable of making mistakes, but computers have less chance of doing that. AI enables search engines to understand natural language better and provide more accurate responses to users’ queries. Google has countless websites and pages that can be relevant to the audience, but it can be difficult to rank them according to their quality. AI makes it possible and makes sure that content with better accuracy is recommended to the users.

AI isn’t Going Anywhere

While some marketers and brands refuse to accept the changes AI is making, technology continues to grow. The faster you take SEO service in London to benefit from this, the better it is for your business. Most people still think that AI is taking over the world and changing things for the worse; the reality is quite different. AI has made significant changes in SEO and made it smarter. This technology is beneficial for both customers and businesses as well. If you create good quality content, it will be easier to rank higher on Google with the help of AI.

There’s no certain answer to what the future will be like. The future of SEO is also the same. You cannot say what strategies might be here and what will work for your brand in the future. However, one thing that’s certain is that AI is here to stay. There’s no way AI is going to stop affecting SEO as it is affecting now. As the technology keeps growing, AI is also introducing new ways to make browsing easier and more efficient for both companies and their customers. It is better to start working with AI for better SEO strategies. In the UK, the top digital marketing agencies can help you get a better understanding of changing technologies.

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