6 Steps To Using Instagram Ads

It is the world of social media. Every person has at least one social media account, and this has been a great opportunity for businesses to garner attention. You just need to identify which audience uses social media platforms most, and you can promote your brand there with effective digital marketing strategies. A digital marketing agency in the UK can help you efficiently target the right audience on the right platform.

Among the most popular social media platforms these days, Instagram comes under the top 3, including Youtube and Facebook. The platform has billions of users, and new accounts are being created every day. It is the most popular app among young users because it mainly involves sharing videos and photos with others. However, advertising on Instagram is more than just posting pictures on the platform. It involves many other things, and we will discuss the steps of creating an ad on Instagram in this blog, so keep reading to know.

1. Create A Campaign

First, to post something, you need to have an editor to create the ad. You can use any editor to create your pictures or videos, and once you have done that, you need to determine how long your campaign will be. Consider the size of your company and decide how many ads you want to run on Instagram. The size of your campaign can also affect your choice of editor. So make sure to determine your campaign and choose the editor accordingly.

2. Determine Your Objective

There can be many different objectives for running an ad on Instagram, so you need to determine the objective of your campaign. You might want your brand to be known by users, boost your post, or drive traffic to your website. Whatever it may be, it is important to have your objective set before you start advertising your brand on Instagram. This will enable you to create the strategies that are the right fit for your objective.

3. Choose Your Audience

As a new business owner, you might not know what audience you need to target on Instagram. Sure, you will know your target audience, but choosing the right audience for your ad can be different from choosing the target market. A digital marketing agency in the UK can help you choose the right audience for your business so your efforts don’t go in vain.

4. Set A Budget And Schedule

Your Instagram ad will not run forever, and it won’t be free. You need to set a campaign that is under your budget, and you can only know about that once you decide on a budget and schedule for your ad. You can either set the budget on a daily basis, or you can set a limit, let’s say 15 days, and you will be charged for the 15 days your campaign will run on Instagram. Your schedule also affects how much you ought to spend on Instagram ads; if you don’t have as much money, you can schedule your ads for a shorter time.

5. Curate Your Ad

Instagram also allows you to design your ad according to your needs. Since Instagram only deals with pictures and videos, you cannot post your ads in any other form. However, this platform allows you to choose how you want to post those pictures and videos. You can post a single picture/video or multiple pictures/ videos together. You can choose the design that best fits your idea. You can also add captions to your post.

6. Publish 

Once you have done all the abovementioned things, the only thing that needs to be done is to publish your ad on Instagram. After you have published your ad, you can check the progress in insights and see how your ad is working in your favour.

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