Simple Yet Solid SEO Strategies for Beginners That Bring Great Results

People lose their calm when they are supposed to handle SEO themselves, especially when they are beginners and have a business to look after. If you have the budget, you can simply hire the best SEO agency and focus all your efforts on making your products and services better for the customers. However, it is a different story for small business owners. You might not feel the need to spend money on SEO just yet, but you can still try doing some things on your own.

Below are some simple yet solid SEO strategies that beginners can easily manage and expect good results.

Good Website Design

If you are thinking of working on SEO strategies, that means you already have a website or are about to get one. For good SEO ranking, it is extremely important that your website is well-designed and simple. You need the visitors to spend more time on your website, and if you make it easy for them to find different pages on your website, they will end up spending more time on it, which will boost your ranking. The choice of colours and theme also plays a vital role in making your website SEO-friendly.

High-Quality Content

Google gives the most importance to user experience; hence it doesn’t recommend low-quality content to its users. If you wish to rank higher on Google organically, you need to create high-quality content regularly and publish it on your website, so Google knows that you are consistent and provide value to your customers.

Keyword Research

You can go far in SEO without getting the game of keywords. You need to identify which keywords are the right fit for your business. This part requires a lot of research from your end. You need to step into the shoes of your customers and search for things you would if you were a customer. There are tools that can help you find keywords related to your business, and you can choose any means to identify them.

Use of Keywords

Knowing the keywords is not all; you also need to know where to use them. There was a time when Google used to rank pages with keywords stuffed in them. However, those days are gone now, and Google has become smart enough to differentiate between stuffing and proper use of keywords. You need to use the keywords naturally, so Google knows that you haven’t stuffed them whenever you get the chance.

Unique Titles

You should never overlook the titles of your pages. Unique and engaging titles gain users’ attention more quickly than common and bland ones. Try to come up with titles that are different but relevant to your business. You can also use the keyword in your title if it fits naturally. Your title will convince the user to click on your page and see the entire content, so make sure you make a good first impression.

Work for Better User Experience

As a business owner, you should also aim to provide your customers with the best experience. Google also puts user experience first, so if you wish to rank higher, you need to create SEO strategies that make the user experience better on your website. The speed of your website also plays an essential role in determining how high you can rank on Google. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it affects the user experience as most of the users don’t wait and switch to other options.


If anything looks a bit too daunting to you, there’s always an option of hiring professionals for this job. You can hire SEO agencies in London and get their help to get your website ranked higher on Google. Different SEO agencies offer different packages; you can survey and choose the right one for you if your budget is tight.

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Blue decoration piece on a digital marketing agency website

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