What is Organic Traffic and Why is it Important for your Business?

Marketing is a much bigger concept in this digitised world now. Brands need to market their business through all means. Whether it be paid advertisements or organic marketing, both strategies bring great results for the business if done right.

If you own a website and want people to know about your business, you must create content to spread awareness. Your content should be valuable for the audience so they can connect to your brand, but before that, you need people to see it.

Organic Traffic

It won’t make much sense to post content on your website if you don’t aim to get organic traffic on it. The best SEO companies in London help you generate organic traffic by developing SEO-optimised content. This allows you to have cost-effective marketing strategies as you don’t have to spend money on paid advertisements. You can simply work on your SEO strategies with the best SEO company in London, and your content will rank higher on Google.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the most significant and useful marketing techniques in this age of digitisation. Everyone browses Google almost every day and looks for the answers on its Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO helps you in ranking higher on the platform, and a higher rank leads to better traffic to the website. 

Every business today needs dependable SEO strategies to get success in competitive industries. The Internet is the best way to reach a wider audience conveniently, and this is the reason why many businesses are starting to know the importance of SEO companies in London and working to conquer their industries.

Search engines update their algorithms to make their software sharper so they can recommend better results to their users. When it comes to Google is the most used search engine worldwide and gives utmost importance to user experience. Hence, Google also keeps updating its algorithm to ensure that the users find its results helpful.

One thing that still baffles us to this day is that many businesses are still not aware of the importance of organic traffic for their website. It is the biggest source of website traffic, but people still go for paid advertisements and consider them a better source to market their businesses. There is a rise in organic searches every year, and users like to see results that are organically relevant to their query, and it is also easy on your pockets. If we ask you what are you asked to pay to get organic traffic on your website? The answer will always be nothing.

Benefits of Organic Traffic

There are quite a few benefits of having organic traffic on your website with the help of the best SEO company in London. Here are some of the most significant benefits that our clientele has received from this marketing technique.

It Builds Brand Awareness

Now you might think paid advertisements also build awareness, so what’s different here?

When a user enters a query on Google, it fits into three different categories: informational, navigational, and transactional. Keywords for each category can also be classified into branded and non-branded. You can create your content based on every keyword and hold your customers to track their journey on your website. This way, you can also see and engage buyers that have never visited your website before, and this can easily happen without spending anything on paid advertisements.

It Builds Leadership

It is a known fact that users mostly stick to the first page of Google and like to prefer finding their answers there. It is even better if the first article they open gives them the solutions they are looking for. SEO can help you rank higher on Google organically, and when the customers see your content before anyone else’s, they start trusting your brand as a leader and rely on it. 

Customers sometimes are hesitant to click on paid advertisements because they can see the label ad written beside it, and it makes them think that it might not be as useful if the business had to pay for it to be seen. Organic results don’t cause any of these doubts, and customers are also happy to rely on credible brands.

It Brings Quality Lead Generation

Lead generation is also easier with organic traffic. As we discussed above, a user’s query is classified into three types: informational, navigational, and transactional. It becomes easier for Google to check the analytics of organic traffic and track the customer’s journey so it can understand the user’s intent and generate leads. It not only affects the quality of leads but also brings a huge volume of organic traffic to the website.

It Promises Customer Loyalty

Customers like to find their answers organically, they might find the paid articles helpful as well, but they first need to open them to find their usefulness. The fact that they are paid is already reason enough for them to doubt their credibility. However, this case is different from organic results. If Google recommends a page with SEO, the users are bound to believe that the content will be valuable for them because Google doesn’t recommend anything to its users. Google’s ranking criteria are difficult, and if a brand manages to get a high rank, it deserves to get customers’ loyalty.

It is Cost-Effective

If you can afford to run paid advertisements on Google and other internet platforms, that’s good for you, but all businesses are not lucky with that many resources. Small businesses especially don’t have enough to spend on paid advertisements. SEO companies in London are the most helpful for new businesses as they offer affordable SEO services so everyone can enjoy these benefits. 

You can hire the best SEO company in London and let their professional team of marketers handle your SEO strategies. If you don’t want to hire someone, you can also handle your SEO and social media marketing yourself. However, you will need proper knowledge and experience to be able to create effective strategies.

It is Going to Stay

There is a misconception among businesses and marketers that SEO is dead and organic traffic doesn’t promise many results anymore, which is far from the truth. SEO will never be dead, and users are always going to prefer organic results over paid advertisements. As a business, you should build a loyal customer fanbase that can only happen if you keep working on getting organic traffic on your website.

Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic

The biggest difference between the two types of traffic is that one is free, and the other can be as expensive as it gets.

A high-volume keyword can cost you hundreds of pounds if you opt for paid traffic. Yes, you read it right. It is baffling that one click on your website will cost you so much money, and you might wonder why anyone would spend that much money on a click. The answer is if you are providing a high-end product to your customers and the user ends up purchasing from you; those 100 pounds don’t mean much as they generate a good lead.

However, this reason only applies IF the customer purchases from you. If your user clicks on your website and then gets out without purchasing, those 100 pounds can go to waste. This is why most businesses opt for organic traffic. It might take a lot of time and effort to reach the top of the result page, but it is indeed free, and you can get just as many benefits from it.

How to Get Organic Traffic on Websites?

If you want to get good organic traffic on your website, SEO is your biggest help. You need to optimise your website for SEO, so Google crawlers see it and recommend it to the users. Once you have optimised the website, you can start working on the following things.

Create Valuable Content

You cannot rank on Google and get traffic without having content on your website. Users are coming to you for answers, and you are responsible for giving them what they aim to get. The optimised website won’t bring you anywhere if your content is not optimised. You need to use the right keywords in your content to make it relevant for the audience. It is also essential to provide as much information to the users as you can because Google values user experience. If its users don’t find your content helpful, Google will know, and there is a chance it might not rank your content.

Be Visible

It is important that your content is visible to the users. How do you expect users to click on your website if they don’t see it?

You can make your content visible by ranking higher on Google and putting your brand out there for the customers to know. The best SEO company in London can help you create brand awareness so customers can know about your brand and check out your content on Google.

Create SEO Strategies

You need strong SEO strategies to rely on. Without professional SEO strategies, it is impossible for your brand to rank at the top on Google. It might not be easy to create effective SEO strategies on your own because you might not have any experience with them. However, you can always hire SEO companies in London to help you get a hold of SEO. Even the best SEO company in London charges less than the paid advertisements on Google, so you can easily afford their services and benefit from organic traffic.

It is also essential to stay updated with the changing algorithm. Google is becoming smarter every year, and brands need to update their strategies depending on new updates. You won’t gain as many benefits if you stick to outdated techniques. We have seen marketers struggle with SEO when they don’t understand that the strategies that were working perfectly fine last year don’t seem to work for them anymore. That’s because Google has probably changed its algorithm, and these strategies are outdated now.

Rely on Keywords

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO. When users search for something on Google, they don’t write their entire query but usually write keywords that are relevant to it. Google then crawls all the websites and recommends the most relevant pages to its users. If you don’t use the right keywords, you won’t be able to reach the right audience, and Google also won’t be able to recommend your content. Hence, it is crucial to spend a good amount of time and effort in your keyword research, so you know that you are targeting the right audience.

Audit Your Website

Technical issues are a common thing with technology, and your website can also have some. However, it is not a minor problem because broken links can affect your ranking on Google. It is essential to audit your website regularly to check if everything on your site is working properly. You also need to check whether the websites you have linked to your content on different pages are working or not. If Google finds a broken link attached to your website, that can also affect your ranking on the platform.

Make the Titles Interesting

Do you click on a page with a boring title?

We don’t, and neither do the other users, which is why Google wants to create unique and interesting content for your viewers. It wants the user to click on the link recommended to them, but if you give a poor first impression with a boring title, they might never click on it. What use would be the content inside if the user is not interested in opening the page?

You need to create a unique first impression and grab customers’ attention right from the title of your content. If you do that, your website traffic will be increased, and more people will be motivated to click on your pages.


It is a time when every business needs to be on the internet. You are missing out on a lot of potential if you are not working on SEO and social media platforms. SEO companies in London offer affordable digital marketing packages so all businesses can join the race and make the competition more interesting.

SEO is not going anywhere; hence, it is still not late to start working towards organic traffic. You cannot get a better way to reach your audience than organic traffic because, for paid advertisements, you will need to pay a lot of money while organic traffic is free. So don’t waste any more time and start getting organic traffic on your website with the help of the best SEO company in London.

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