7 Tips to Optimise Your Blogs for SEO

Blogging is one of the most effective strategies to gain a higher ranking on Google. An SEO company in the UK generates high-quality blogs for businesses so they can increase their visibility and awareness. However, it is important to optimise your blogs for SEO, and if you are looking for tips, keep on reading.

Why Optimise Your Blog?

New marketers and business owners might not understand why they need to optimise their blogs for SEO. Creating high-quality content is necessary, but how do you expect people to find your blogs on the search engine? By optimising your blogs, you allow search engines to crawl your pages and recommend them to the relevant audience. Without optimization, Google cannot recommend your website to any user. Hence, it is essential to optimise your blogs for SEO.

Do a Proper Keyword Research

There’s no SEO without keywords. Google identifies relevant content with the help of keywords the users search for. You need to do proper research on relevant keywords for your business so your users can easily find your website. Many beginners make guesses about the topics their users might be interested in and write topics according to that. However, this is not the right approach as you shouldn’t rely on blind guesses but hard facts. There are many tools that can help you find relevant keywords for your content, and you can also do manual searches for it. A top London SEO company can help you choose the right keywords for your content.

Write a Catchy Title

First impressions might not be the last impressions, but they have a significant impact. Users will only click on your link and read your content if your title is interesting enough to motivate them. No matter how valuable your content inside is, if your title lacks uniqueness, you will struggle. You need to write catchy titles or make them interesting so people are motivated to give it a read. 

Do Internal Linking

Linking plays a vital role in the optimisation of your blogs. Adding links to your content increases your credibility and tells Google and the audiences that the content is taken from credible sources. While linking references from other authentic websites is a common practice, many content creators don’t focus on internal linking. With internal linking, you can send users to your old posts, and this can help increase your dwell time as the users will stay on your website for longer. You can easily do internal linking if you have been posting blogs for a while. You will have enough content that users might find interesting.

Add a Meta Description

A meta description is an HTML meta tag that tells the search engines what the article is about. You write a short description of your blog to let Google and the users know what you have discussed in your article. You can add meta descriptions to any page, and while some marketers believe that meta descriptions are irrelevant now, they are still very much relevant.

Add Visual Content

Adding images and videos makes your content more engaging for the users. No one likes to read long texts without having any visual content in the between. You should add relevant images and videos for your audiences to understand your content more. However, make sure that you are careful about image copyrights. Beginners often make this mistake and get in legal trouble. You can find royalty-free images in many places, and your SEO company can help you with it.

Update Existing Content

If you have been posting blogs for a while, there must be a good amount of content on your website that you want to be optimised for. Google doesn’t rank old content as it is mostly outdated and irrelevant. However, there’s a way to optimise your old content as well. You need to go through your existing content and see if it needs updating. Delete or replace any outdated information that you might have provided and ensure that the content is refreshed.

Make it Easy to Read.

Your content should be easy to read and understand. Not everyone has the same level of understanding, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your users understand your content. Use the right structure to help users navigate through your blog in the right way. If your blogs are easy to understand, the users won’t have to look elsewhere, and Google will also have more reasons to rank your content higher.


Blogging is an important part of SEO as it helps you deliver information and insights about your brand and products to the customers. Blogs can be used to spread awareness, and they have been a popular strategy for many years. Marketers are always keen to create valuable content for their audiences, and a SEO company can help you with it. 

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