Powerful SEO Trends That are Dominating in 2023

Marketing is a field that’s constantly evolving, and it is not wrong to say that it is one of the most evolved industries in the last decade. Digital marketing has introduced many new ways to market businesses and products, which has made marketing achievable even for small businesses. However, the same changes have also made it difficult to choose the right mediums and techniques to gain recognition. 

Business owners are working hard with SEO companies in London to get the top position in Google ranking, as the higher you rank, the better traffic you get. But with things changing every year, it gets difficult for business owners to work on SEO without having professionals to rely on. We have created this blog to help you know the powerful SEO trends that are dominating in 2023, so you can see whether your business is focusing on these trends this year or not.

The Use of AI

We cannot emphasise the importance of AI in our lives. Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world, and with new technologies coming in every year, it will be a bad move to ignore the impact it will have on every industry in the future. Just like the world, AI has made significant changes in marketing and SEO as well. We have talked about this before in our important SEO trends that are dominating in the 2022 blog that users are more comfortable with voice searches now, and your content should be optimised for this update because it is only going to get more popular from here.

Voice search is not the only gift of AI to SEO. Since 2022 there have been many integrations between AI and SEO, and one of those integrations is the content generation tools. Content creators can leverage AI content generators and create valuable content for users. Surely, completely depending on the softwares is not advised, but using them for the right purpose can greatly impact SEO.


Google’s popular acronym E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) now has another “E” in the name, the E of Experience. As of December 2022, Google has made this change in the acronym to announce that the search engine will now consider the experience of the creator of the content to evaluate its quality. With this update, Google actually wants to know whether the creator has any first-hand experience with the content they are writing about or not. 

When an experienced person writes about the content they know about, the quality will undoubtedly be top-notch as compared to a person working in the textile industry writing about a medical profession that he has no idea about. This means that website owners now have to take a closer look at who their content creators are and whether they know about the things they are working on or not. Because even if you don’t pay closer attention to it, Google will.

Author-Generated Content

With the increase in the use of AI content generators, there are many content creators who are misusing this technology. In 2023, Google increased the emphasis on the author’s authority. This means that Google now wants to know that the content on your website is created by real people and not AI software.

To ensure that Google knows that your content is created by a person, you need to add the author’s bio to your content, create an author’s page on your website where you can link all the articles and content created by that author, or you can also link their social media handles, so Google knows that they are real people.


Google has indeed become smarter in 2023, but it has also made some things more complicated for content creators and business owners to ensure that the best information is recommended to the users. You need to hire SEO companies in London and start working on these new SEO trends so you can benefit from them in 2023.

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