Is Longer Content Better for SEO?

You must have heard people say that people easily get distracted nowadays, and their attention span has drastically decreased. In the marketing world, people often have this misconception that if the content is longer, the audience won’t be interested in reading. 

The reality is quite the opposite. Users are smart and want to get as many answers to their queries as possible. They can’t read a short blog and call it a day; instead, they look for long-form content to get all their answers. Longer content has been more engaging for some time, and content creators are now shifting their focus from short blogs to longer content of at least 2000 words.

As one of the best seo companies in London, we felt the responsibility to let our audience know how important longer content is for SEO on their website. Hence, we have created this blog. 

Benefits of Long-Form Content

Long Content Gets More Social Shares

This has been noticed that people on social media platforms prefer content that is more valuable and comprehensive. They share longer content just as easily as short content, but the longer content has more dwell, which helps in Google ranking.

More Backlinks

Long-form content also gets more backlinks than short content as it is more comprehensive. Longer content tends to cover the topic in detail, which prevents users from searching again and again, and they find it more useful as it saves them time and they get everything in one place. It is also easier to write short-form content as it doesn’t take much effort or time from the creator. Longer content is harder to come up with, which increases its credibility and makes it stand out better.

Better Opportunity

Google has made it quite obvious that long-form content is appreciated, but content creators are still lacking when it comes to writing longer posts. Not even half of the websites have long blog posts. This gives businesses a great opportunity to grab the market in their industry by posting long-form content before it becomes a common practice.

Creating long-form content doesn’t mean that business owners should write whatever they feel like. The content must still be engaging and useful for the audience. There’s a reason why many content creators fail to come up with long-form content.

It is not an easy task to write a 2000-word blog and keep it valuable for the reader, and it takes a lot of time and effort. A thorough research and a good amount of experience and skill are needed to create long-form content. So make sure that your content creators can keep the longer blogs interesting and useful till the end. Otherwise, the efforts might go in vain.


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