Facebook vs. Instagram ads. Which Platform is Better for Your Business?

When we talk about the top social media platforms for advertising brands, Facebook and Instagram always make a list. It is ideal to market your business on both social media platforms, but it can be impossible if you have a tight budget. It is quite common for small businesses not to have enough funds for both platforms. You can choose to split your budget between the two, but for better effectiveness, it is preferable to spend your budget on one platform that is best suited for your targeted audience.

It can be bewildering for new business owners to know which social media platform between two is best for them. A digital marketing agency in the UK can help you choose the right platform and build effective strategies to gain more recognition on social media. If you wish to choose the right platform yourself, here are some questions you need to get answers for.

Who is Your Audience, and Where are They?

You are marketing your business for the audience, which makes them the biggest factor in deciding which platform you need to choose for digital marketing. Most brands prefer to market their business on Facebook because it is twice the size of Instagram and offers better marketing tools. However, if your target audience is youth, Instagram might be the better option for you. If your target audience is of several age groups, you can easily reach them on Facebook, as Instagram is mostly used by the younger generation.

What is Your Content Type?

The type of content shared on both of these platforms is significantly different from each other. While Facebook is more commonly used to share information and interact with loved ones, Instagram is entirely based on visual content. People share pictures and videos with each other, so brands also need to create content like that. It is also easier to add a link to your website in the captions on Facebook, while Instagram doesn’t allow link attachments to captions. You can use the Instagram call-to-action feature, and it works well, but it can only direct the viewers to one link.

Which Platform is More Popular in Your Industry?

Some industries need to market their business with visually-pleasing content, while others might go for long-form content. You need to identify which platform is more popular in your industry. If the industry is not using a certain platform, it might be less expensive to market your business there. However, you need to ensure that the platform has enough audience for your business type.

What are Your Target Goals?

Your goal for advertising also affects the platform you choose. Marketers believe that Facebook is best for lead generation and sales, while Instagram is better for increasing brand awareness with visuals. You can also get better website clicks and engagement on the written content on Facebook. You need to determine your goal for advertising before selecting the platform. You can also test the platforms and review analytics to see which platform is working better for your target goals.


Both social media platforms allow brands to check their advertisements’ analytics and make campaign changes. You can get help from a digital marketing agency in the UK to understand the analytics better, as it requires expertise. Choosing the right platform for advertising is vital because you cannot succeed if your business is not seen by people on the internet.

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Blue decoration piece on a digital marketing agency website

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