How SEO And Content Marketing Work Together To Transform Your Business?

As a business owner who has been using digital marketing to market products and services, chances are that you must have already heard of or used SEO and content marketing. You cannot mention digital marketing without mentioning SEO and content marketing, as both are an integral part of it. What many business owners don’t know is that a marriage between SEO and content marketing is what enhances your business’s popularity. Both of these strategies need to work together to transform your business.

SEO drives traffic on your website with the help of content marketing like blogs and posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc. However, if you are using both together and still not getting good results, there might be some changes you need to make, or if you are new to digital marketing, we will help you understand the relationship between the two from scratch.

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What is SEO?

Before we learn about the relationship between the two integral parts of digital marketing, we need to understand them individually. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is a tool for digital marketing that helps businesses gain organic traffic on their websites. 

People today use search engines to browse their queries and often rely on the first page of results because they usually find their answers at the top and also because the recommended websites at the top are most relevant to their query, according to the search engine. Google updates its algorithm every year, which makes it difficult for marketers and business owners to keep a check on their SEO strategies. Methods that worked last year are very likely not to work in 2023, and the best SEO companies in London have to identify the changes Google has made to its algorithm this year.

There are many strategies and methods you can perform in SEO to rank higher on Google, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to all the activities that are performed on the website to drive traffic. Blogs, web content, posts, HTML, URLs, etc., are all considered on-page SEO because they help boost your website on the search engine.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a sum of all activities that are done on the internet outside of your website. For example, if you have social media accounts and you market your product there and attach the link to your website in the posts, it is considered off-page SEO. Because users of that social media platform might click on the link and land on your website. Guest posts are also counted as off-page SEO when you post your blogs on some other website, or your website’s link is added to another website.

Technical SEO

This type of SEO is not for beginners, as it is used to ensure that the website meets all the technical requirements of SEO. It includes crawling, indexing, rendering, etc., which you won’t be able to understand as a non-professional. The SEO companies in London can help you handle all three types of SEO, as they have the professional talent needed to make things work.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another integral part of digital marketing, and it focuses on creating valuable content for customers to influence their actions, whether it is to buy something from you or subscribe to your newsletter. Customers can be influenced by content marketing to do these things, which makes this a vital part of marketing.

Content marketing is different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, our focus was usually to sell the products or services directly to customers; however, content marketing doesn’t try to sell anything directly. Instead, content marketing provides customers with solutions they have never heard about. It answers their queries, and if customers find the content helpful, they automatically connect with the brand. Businesses that understand how important it is to not push their products too much toward the customers find success in content marketing. 

The psychology of today’s customers is very different from the times of traditional marketing. When people look for options on the search engine, they are looking for answers, and if a brand simply just convinces them directly to purchase their products in the content, chances are that they won’t buy it. Hence, content marketing is necessary to strategize your content, and it works hand-to-hand with SEO.

How Do They Work Together?

Digital marketing has more potential than you can think of, and if you don’t use it to its full potential, you will be missing out on a lot of benefits. The best SEO company in London can help you reach your full potential with marketing; however, it is still important for you to know how SEO and content marketing work together so you can understand the basics yourself.

You need to create content for your website while keeping the requirements of SEO in mind. If you are a new brand, you will have an ocean full of content to post on your website, but if you don’t do it right, it won’t provide you with the best results. Incorporate SEO requirements in your content to make it visible to the users.

SEO-Friendly Content

You will often hear the word SEO-friendly in this industry as it implies that the content is up to the mark with the SEO requirements. Just a few years ago, keyword stuffing was considered SEO-friendly content. Content creators used to stuff the keywords in the content, and it would rank higher on Google. However, things have changed for the better now. Google gives utmost importance to user experience, and it has developed its algorithms to make browsing easier for users.

Keywords stuffing does not work as SEO-friendly content anymore as Google has become smarter and can differentiate between relevant and non-relevant. You need to use relevant keywords at relevant places to have Google rank your website. Otherwise, you won’t see any results. Now, this is the question that might have popped up in your mind right now, how does Google identify which content is relevant?

The answer to this is the simplicity of your content will enable Google to rank it higher. The easier it is to find the focus of your content, the chances of your website ranking will be higher. Try to create easy-to-read content that gives answers to both Google and the user visiting your website. Staying focused on one thing in your content sounds unbelievably simple, but it can be difficult at times. For example, if you are offering two types of services to the customers, you might want to talk about both of them in one article, but it will make your content complex. It is better to create different content for both services so each blog or article can be focused on one service at a time.

Keywords are not the only thing that will make your content SEO-friendly. You need to pay attention to other factors like Alt images, URLs, website design, and many other things. The best SEO companies in London can help you with all these things to boost your content and have it ranked higher on Google.

Optimization of Old Content

Another way to make your content SEO-friendly is by optimising your existing content. If you are a new brand, you will have a lot of new content to share with your users; however, if you already have some of your content on the website, it might be time for you to optimise that as well. You can review the internal and external links in your content to ensure that all the links are working perfectly together. Because if there are broken links on your website, Google won’t rank it. You also need to read and remove any outdated information you have added to your content.

Things change at the speed of light in today’s world. The things that are relevant today might be irrelevant 6 weeks from now, so you need to ensure that you are not providing your customers with any irrelevant information. Optimising old content will enable you to find problems in your existing content so you can make it right, and Google can rank it along with your new content.

User Experience

It all comes down to user experience in the end. As we said, Google gives utmost importance to user experience as it wants the users to be satisfied. This consideration for users has made Google the most used search engine in the world. Its algorithms might make ranking difficult for website owners, but it makes browsing easier for the users.

SEO and content marketing are not simply about using the right keywords, right images, and links. Their relationship requires you to work on title tags and meta descriptions as well. Meta descriptions are small descriptions of what the article is about, and it appears beneath the title on Google. If you have written blogs and articles for your websites, you also need to write meta descriptions so Google can push your content further ahead. It is also important to use unique titles and the right format for content marketing. There is a specific format of heading, like H1, H2, H3, and so on, that Google requires you to follow. If you don’t follow the format, Google won’t be able to rank your website, no matter how relevant your content might be.

Consistency of the Content

Although this factor is mainly related to content marketing, there is an SEO factor in this as well. Google sees the consistency of your content before recommending it to the customers. Let’s say that you had posted your content 2 months ago, and since then, you haven’t posted anything. Then Google might not recommend that content to the users because you are inconsistent with your posting.

You need to make a schedule for posting content on your website and stick to it so Google can identify the pattern and know that you will keep providing valuable information to your users. If you are consistent with your content, it will give another reason to Google to rank your website higher. Each new content you publish on your website not only tells Google that you are active and relevant, but it also makes your chances of ranking better as you now have more content to be ranked on Google. However, it is also important not to post irrelevant things on your website. As we have mentioned, Google only recommends relevant content, and if you post irrelevant content, it won’t get ranked, no matter how consistent you are.

SEO companies in London can help you create the right schedule for your content. Trajital has a reliable team of content marketing that creates valuable content for the users regularly, and we are consistent with the posting so our clients can rank higher on the search engine.

SEO Vs. Content Marketing

It is a common question that occurs in business owners’ minds. They want to know whether it is possible to use just one and not the other and still rank on Google. The answer to this question is a simple NO.

SEO enables you to rank higher on Google, but how will you rank higher if you don’t have relevant content on your website? Google needs to see relevant content on your website and a lot of it to recommend your business to its users. Similarly, how do you expect to get ranked with just your content if you don’t incorporate SEO factors in it? How will Google know that your website and content exist without using SEO strategies? Google only crawls and indexes websites that incorporate SEO in their content. Without using SEO strategies, Google won’t know that your website exists, and it won’t know there’s no chance of ranking.

So you need to work on both SEO and content marketing if you wish to rank higher on Google. There is a synergy between the two; they are well-coordinated. This is the reason why the best SEO companies in London work with experienced content creators to produce the best results. 

If you have hired the best SEO company in London to handle these two for your website, you don’t have to worry about anything, as the experts will handle it perfectly. However, if you want to do it yourself, you need to keep all things mentioned in this article in mind and approach it like a professional marketer. Know your audience, understand the topics you need to discuss, create strategies, and optimise your content for SEO. If you do things right, you will probably be able to handle SEO and content marketing together.

Take Advantage of Both

As we said, there is a synergy between content marketing and SEO, and you need to take advantage of that. You are missing out on great things if you haven’t started working on both. Just create content while keeping SEO in mind. Incorporate SEO factors in your content and allow Google to rank it higher. Keeping the audience in mind is also important for creating valuable content. Once you start seeing results in this relationship, you will understand that the efforts were worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

It is better to hire the best SEO company in London to handle your content marketing and SEO strategies, as the best SEO companies in London have the right experts to take your brand to the next level. However, if you wish to handle both yourself first, there’s no stopping you. You can try creating valuable content for your users while also keeping SEO strategies in mind. Incorporating SEO at the end of your content is not going to help you rank anywhere. You need to create content WHILE keeping SEO in mind, so you incorporate it in the entire content to make it SEO-optimised.

If you wish to hire SEO companies in London to handle your brand’s SEO and content marketing, Trajital is the best option for you. We have years of experience in digital marketing, and our passionate team of marketers is always ready to serve our clients to nothing but the best of their abilities. We provide the best solutions to your digital marketing concerns.

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