Effectiveness Of Social Media Marketing

The world of social media is evolving faster than anyone could imagine. New social media apps and websites are introduced every year, and people stay active on the platforms to stay updated. The younger generation mostly spends its time on social media platforms, and this has created a great opportunity for businesses to grab their attention. 

Traditional marketing strategies have become less useful nowadays as people depend on digital marketing more. Traditional marketing is expensive, and compared to it, digital marketing allows you to reach an unlimited number of audiences. Brands are using platforms like Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing as these platforms promise a huge read, and the results are incredible for each social media campaign.

However, there are still some businesses that doubt the potential of social media marketing and don’t engage their audience on these platforms. It is also understandable that they rely more on traditional marketing because digital marketing cannot do wonders overnight. It takes time for social media management strategies to work, and people who don’t have enough patience can quickly lose interest. In this blog, we are going to discuss all social media marketing and social media marketing agencies that can help you get that X factor in your business promotion. But first, we need to understand social media advertising and how it works.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a tool for digital marketing that businesses use to increase awareness about their brand and attract new customers through social media platforms. It is a form of internet advertising that allows you to place your ads on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to form a customer base. They appear as sponsored posts on these platforms and can reach an infinite number of customers in a short time. 

Brands use this tool to increase their brand’s awareness among potential customers, and this provides their desired results. You can view the results of the campaign in real-time to see whether the campaign is up to the mark or not. In case some changes are required, you can make them happen before the campaign ends. A professional social media marketing agency can help you create dependable social media advertising campaigns and help your business garner much-deserved attention.

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?

You asked whether social media marketing is effective or not. The simple answer to this question is YES.

Social media management has proven itself extremely useful and effective in the last decade. The updating algorithms are continuously creating better opportunities for business owners to get attention on social media platforms. It sure takes time to provide you with the desired result, but it is definitely one of the most effective marketing tools these days. The fast growth of social media platforms made social media marketing efficient and more dependable, and this pace is only going to increase in the future.

Businesses rely on Facebook ads more than the ads on their own websites as they provide a much better outcome for their brand’s promotion. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are all better choices for social media advertising because they also allow businesses to tailor their ads depending on the interest of each customer. The ads on social media can also be interactive to prevent the user from skipping the ad. A lot of brands are working on making their ads in a way people can engage with the content and don’t feel annoyed with the advertisement.

Social media marketing also allows the users to spend time with more relevant content than traditional marketing, which makes it useful for even the customers. You can also reach the right audience with best social media marketing, while with traditional marketing, you cannot control who sees your ad and who doesn’t. Different social media platforms have different % of effectiveness, and the following are some of the most effective platforms for social media marketing.

Ad’s Effectiveness On Youtube

Youtube is the most commonly used platform for social media marketing by brands for several reasons, and it has also proven to be the most useful platform out of all. It has been reported that many customers discover new brands and businesses on Youtube, and a lot of them even go ahead and buy products from those brands. Moreover, Youtube ads have been proven more effective than television ads, and here’s why.

They Reach a Wider Audience

Youtube has more than 2 billion users logged in every month, which makes it the most used social media platform as every day, people watch youtube videos for hours, and this allows the brand to reach more people than that television viewers.

Creative Freedom

Youtube ads enable business owners to be as creative as they want to be. There is a certain standard when it comes to TV ads that restrict you from showing some things. However, you have more creative freedom to work your magic on Youtube.

Cost Effective

Traditional marketing has always been much more expensive than digital marketing. Youtube allows you to set a budget as per your choice, and you can pause and adjust your campaign any time you want. How much you are willing to pay for the ad to appear is completely up to you, so you don’t have to go overboard with your marketing budget.

Ad’s Effectiveness On Facebook

Facebook is the second most effective social media platform for social media management. It also has over 2 billion monthly active users and is the third most visited website in the world after Google and Youtube. This platform also allows brands to promote their business, and with its huge number of users, it has been proven extremely useful. Creators use creative thinking skills to come up with engaging ads for the users and tailor their content according to their targeted markets.


A social media ad can be placed at different places on Facebook, including stories, feed, in-stream, messages, app, search, and in-articles. There are countless variations for each of these placements, and a  top social media marketing agency can help you choose the best pavement for your brand. Following are some of the reasons for Facebook ad’s effectiveness.

Custom Audience

Facebook allows you to target a specific type of audience and custom audience refers to the people who already know about your brand. You can upload a list of previous customers as first-party data and let Facebook place your ad on their accounts.

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience is a Facebook tool that refers to a new audience that shares the same interest as your existing customers. When you create a custom audience, it becomes easier to find people who might be interested in your content and product.

Accurate Analytics

It is essential to measure your campaign’s performance to ensure that you are moving closer to your desired reach and getting good results. Facebook allows you to check the entire analytics of your campaign in the Ad Manager. This analysis is usually in-depth and gives you the opportunity to make even smarter choices for future campaigns.

Ad’s Effectiveness On Instagram

The third most effective social media platform for advertisement is Instagram which is also owned by Facebook. The younger generation mostly uses Instagram, which has more than 1 billion active users, and it’s also a fast-growing social media platform with new users joining the app every month. Without a doubt, Facebook has more active users than Instagram, but what makes Instagram a great catch is that it has the most number of young users and the content placed on this platform is more creative and unique as compared to other platforms.

Following are some of the reasons for the effectiveness of Instagram ads.

Use Of Smartphones

Nowadays, everyone spends most of their day scrolling through their social media accounts on their smartphones, and the ratio is even higher with youngsters. Compared to Facebook, Instagram only deals with visual content, which makes it easier to catch the customer’s eye. It becomes easy for customers to stop and look at the content while scrolling through their phones.

Less Annoying

Instagram is a platform that only deals with pictures and videos. Users share their photography and videography skills with others which makes it a great place to market your product. Instagram ads are less intrusive, and you can build creative ads to get the customer’s attention.

Link Integration

Another reason for ad effectiveness on Instagram is that you can easily integrate your website’s link to the post, whether it is on a story or the feed. Customers can very easily be directed toward your website, which also increases the traffic on your website.

8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

Marketing becomes easier when you are a big venture and have lots of funds to run several campaigns; however, it is a different story if you own a small business and don’t have unlimited resources to promote your business. Following are some of the reasons why you should consider promoting your brand on social media.


The biggest reason for small businesses to rely on social media marketing agencies is cost-effectiveness. Traditional marketing strategies are usually too expensive for new ventures, but social media makes it possible for them to promote their businesses on a larger scale. You can set a budget and hire a professional social media marketing agency to handle your social media advertisements. Meanwhile, you can focus on running your business and providing value to the customers.

Customers Are On Social Media

What better place to market your product when you can find the desired audience in one place?

It comes as a no-brainer that almost everyone has a social media account in this day and age. Social media platforms have billions of users joining every month, and as compared to traditional means of marketing, digital marketing is much more convenient, affordable, and rewarding. There are still people who rely on traditional marketing techniques, but it is also important to garner attention on social media. While it depends on the type of business you are running, it is also essential to do a proper analysis of the type of social media platform that is best suited for your business.

Increased Brand Recognition

As a new business, you will first need to increase your brand’s awareness among customers, and that can only happen when people SEE your brand. With social media management experts, you can reach potential customers and let them know about your business. Reaching them should be enough to increase your brand’s recognition because once you have their eyes on your business, your ad and services will speak for themselves. The biggest benefit of social media marketing is that it helps small businesses appear on the map so potential customers can know about them.

Increased Website Traffic

You have started a business and have a website; what’s next?

You need to have traffic on it to really get your business running. One way of getting organic traffic on the website is SEO (read this article to know about SEO), while another useful way of driving traffic to your website is to integrate your website’s link to social media ads. When your ad appears on the customer’s feed, they often visit the website to check out the products and services, which results in better traffic and makes your ad campaign more effective.

Customer Centric Content

With traditional marketing strategies, it is impossible to control who sees your ad and who doesn’t, but social media management makes it possible. You can control your ad campaigns and only send them to the customers that are most suitable for the ad. The content is also created by keeping the customer’s needs in mind, which makes it customer-centric and leaves a lasting impression on the customers.

Better Competition

Believe it or not, you need to work harder to beat your competition in the field, and it is not going to be an easy road. While you deny the effectiveness of social media marketing, your competitor has already reached its potential customers on social media platforms. You need to buckle up before they make an even bigger impression and make your first move. You can beat your competition with a little creativity and better products and services. Social media gives you the platform, and hiring the right social media marketing agency will give you the edge you need.

Customer Loyalty

Social media marketing results in better customer loyalty than any other marketing campaign. Bigger companies can run big brand loyalty programs, but small businesses have to build this trust slowly with the help of social media. Customers these days want to be heard, and brands that don’t answer them are quick to their trust. As a small business, you need to be interactive with your customers and solve their queries as soon as possible. Your ad campaigns can only do good if you value the customers, and once you do that, you will gain loyalty forever.

Exceptional Results

Social media marketing allows you to reach customers that you didn’t know existed. With smart marketing strategies and campaigns, you can reach the potential customers that didn’t know about your brand, and this can lead to a much bigger customer base. Social media marketing is bound to give your exceptional results once you have created an efficient strategy. You will be amazed to see how many new customers you’ll see as a result of a social media campaign.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is the saving grace for many small businesses, and as time goes by, even the big businesses are starting to rely only on social media marketing. No one wants to spend tons of money on something that doesn’t offer great results, and social media marketing is much more affordable in that sense. However, it will be unfair to expect overnight results and popularity with digital marketing. It sure is an effective way to market your business, but it is no magic. Digital marketing takes time to work in your favour, and you should be patient and consistent with the process. Otherwise, you might end up disappointed. Good things take time, and this saying goes perfectly with social media marketing.

If you want to hire a professional and expert team of marketers to handle your social media management, contact us at Trajital. We are a social media marketing agency in London and have the right talent to help your business reach new heights.


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