Blog SEO: How to Rank Higher on Google with Blogs?

Blogging is a great way to acquire new customers and spread awareness about your brand and products. Many customers get influenced after reading blogs by a brand and make a purchase decision depending on the information provided. Blogs are a popular marketing technique nowadays, and all businesses, big or small, need to work on it in order to stay relevant in the market.

You must have heard of SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation. It is a digital marketing tool that allows businesses to rank higher on the search engine. Google is the most used search engine around the world, which makes it a goal of every brand to rank higher on Google. The bigger your rank on Google is, the better credibility your website will have in the users’ eyes. Google doesn’t rank anything on the first page; it gives utmost importance to user experience and makes them a priority. If your website is not user-friendly, there’s no chance Google will rank it. Hence, creating content that provides value to the customers should be your goal, and only a top London SEO company can help you with it.

What is Blog SEO?

Blogging is a practice that enables businesses to share information about their brand, products, services, or anything relevant to their business. This practice helps in building a better connection with the customers as they get to learn more about the brand in question. Blog SEO is used to improve your website’s rank on the internet. Factors that affect blog SEO include keywords, image optimisation, link building, and content writing. In order to be visible to your audience, you need to optimise your blog pages so Google can recommend them to the relevant audience. However, the question is, how does blogging improve your organic ranking?

Index Coverage

Google needs to index a page to rank it. Indexing means the search engine finds content, analyses it, and then adds it to be displayed in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) when a user searches for relevant keywords. With blogging, you can keep adding fresh content to your website without messing with the existing content. As you keep adding new information, Google will keep indexing your website, and it will increase your chances of ranking higher.

Organic Clicks

You can create more content for relevant keywords with blogging as compared to other pages on your website. While other pages on your website can tell you about the conversion, as you can tell when a customer clicks on those pages, they are ready to purchase; blogging can have more benefits. There are many reasons why someone browses Google, everyone might not be looking to make a purchase, but they might be looking for some answers. Your blogs can provide users with relevant solutions, and you will gain more organic clicks with them.

What is a Blog SEO Strategy?

Nothing works in marketing without a strategy. You need a comprehensive plan to make things work and gain organic results. Hiring professional seo services in the UK can help you create an effective blog SEO strategy. This strategy may include keyword research, competitive analysis, or optimisation proposals. It might be difficult for business owners to build these strategies themselves and implement them. Blogging requires skills, and you need to have the proper knowledge to generate traffic on your website organically. Whether you need on-page or off-page SEO services, hiring professionals is the right move. A top London SEO company has the right talent to create efficient blog SEO strategies for your business.

However, if you still wish to give it a try yourself, the following are some tips that will help you rank higher on Google with blog SEO.

Determine Your Target Audience

Before writing blogs for your website, you need to know what your target audience is. No matter what industry you belong to, there must be a section of people who aim to target. You need to determine your target audience so you can write blogs relevant to them. This is the only way you can understand the search intent of your users and provide them with answers in your blogs. The better you understand your customers, the more reasons they will have to click on your post.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the essential factor for optimising your blogs. You cannot expect Google to rank your content higher without using relevant keywords in the right places. The days when keyword stuffing used to work as a ranking factor are long gone. Nowadays, Google wants users to get what they came for; hence, you need to search for keywords that are relevant to your business. You must also ensure that you use the keywords in the right places and the right quantity. While getting professional SEO services in the UK can be beneficial in your keyword research, there are many tools that can help you find keywords relevant to your industry yourself.

Write a Catchy Title

Would you click on a link that has a boring title?

We bet you won’t.

Neither do other users. Google will only rank your blogs higher when they are interesting to its users. No matter how valuable your content marketing is, the users will never know if they don’t click on the title. Adding catchy titles to your blogs plays a vital role in motivating the users to read the entire thing. The first impression should be good as it leads the users to your website, so make sure you write catchy and unique titles for your blogs.

Do Proper Formatting

Your blogs should have a proper format to make them easy to understand for the users. Google doesn’t want you to write blogs that sound smart, your goal should be to get your point across, and the users should be able to understand you. A properly formatted blog only has one main heading, that’s H1, with other subheadings like H2, H3, H4, etc. Make sure you follow this format, for it becomes easier for both Google and the users to understand the structure of your content.

Add Links

You need to add links for authentic pages to make your blog more credible and trustable for both Google and the audiences. These can be the websites you have taken the information from, or they can be a link to other pages on your website. Linking tells Google that the content on your website is authentic, and it increases your chances of ranking higher on the search engine. The users also find it helpful when you attach links to the content, as they can get more information on your brand if they are taken to another page of the website. You can also add links to your products where the users can make purchases.

Add Visuals

Google appreciates it when you add imagery to your website and blogs. People also find it amusing to see creative and original photos; it also makes your landing pages eye-pleasing. However, you need to add Alt text to your imagery so Google can read and know what the image is about. Since Google cannot see the image, you need to add text for its understanding. If you add images in your blogs without Alt text, it won’t work as a ranking factor for your website. In Alt text, you can briefly explain what the image is about so Google can also see why the image is relevant to the content.

Long-Form Content

Content is King– and Google has taken this quote seriously. The content you post on your website, whether it be blogs or podcasts, should be unique and creative. When we talk about blogs, long-form content is trending these days. When you create long-form content explaining things to the users in detail, Google appreciates it. On-page and off-page SEO services can include long-form blogs, but they are mainly posted on the website. Long-form content allows you to answer all the potential questions your audience might have, and it also gives you more room to use different keywords at multiple places. The chances of ranking higher with long-form content are better than with short blogs.

Read our blog on how to get started with creating quality content for your website to know which type of content is considered high quality by Google.

Focus on Reader’s Experience

Experienced content creators know that the reader’s experience is the most important thing to focus on while creating content. The structure, length, speed, readability, formatting, everything works together to create a better reading experience. If you write a long-form blog but it is poorly formatted, it won’t be able to provide the right experience to the readers, and it will affect your ranking on Google. Hence, you should focus on making your content useful for the readers. Focus on all the things mentioned above and make sure that your readers don’t face any issues with your content.

Update Frequently

Updating your content is important for SEO. You might have a ton of old content on your website, but it will not add anything to your value. Google doesn’t rank outdated content, and it only indexes new content that you put out with updated information. It is a waste to let your old content sit idle when you can use it in the right way. You need to update your old content and add new details in them to use them for ranking. If you update your old content, Google will have more things on your website to crawl, and index, and it will increase your chances of getting ranked on the first page.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Most internet users nowadays use their mobile phones to search for things online. Google understood this change in user behaviour and made this a ranking factor in 2019. The search engine now wants business owners to create mobile-friendly websites and content so browsing becomes easier for its users. This means that you need to ensure that your blogs are also mobile-friendly. Try to break your content into paragraphs, and don’t write sentences that are too long. Long sentences are harder to read on mobile phones as compared to desktops. Make sure your blogs are understandable even on mobile phones so Google gets another reason to rank your business.

Allow Social Sharing

Customers these days rely a lot on electronic word-of-mouth, which makes social sharing a common practice today. You need to allow the users to share your content on social media. If they like your content, they might want to share it with their friends on different social media platforms. You should make it easier for them to find your social media pages by adding the links at the side or end of your blogs. This way, you will get more visits on your social media handles as well.

Cover the Topic in Full

If the user doesn’t find all answers in your blog, they will continue searching for more solutions, which is not a good sign, according to Google. This means that you haven’t covered the topic fully, and the users are left with some unanswered questions. You should try to think of all the possible questions a user can have about the topic in question and cover everything in-depth so your audience doesn’t go anywhere else.

Factors that Affect Blog SEO

Every year Google introduces updates in its algorithms which is another reason why you should hire a top London SEO company. They provide professional SEO services in the UK and are well aware of the changes made by Google. They have the expertise to create effective and unique strategies with new and old ranking factors in place. While Google keeps changing its algorithm and the ranking factors keep updating, some have really stood the test of time.

Page Speed

Google has always emphasised the importance of page speed. In this fast world, no one has the time to sit and wait for a page to load. Most users don’t spend more than 3 seconds on the website; if it takes longer to load, they quickly bounce back and look for another page. This is a big red flag for Google as it means that your website is not fast enough for the users. This prevents your pages from ranking higher because the search engine wants its users to find the answers without wasting any time. Hence, page speed has always been a ranking factor, so you should make sure you improve your website’s load time.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the duration that users spend on your page. It tells Google whether the users are finding your content helpful or not. If users quickly bounce back from your page, it simply means that they didn’t find your content useful. The more time your audience spends on your page, the better it is for your Google ranking. Hence, you need to create good content that answers all the questions for your audience. When they get their answers, they are bound to read the entire thing, and it will increase your dwell time.

Accuracy and Recent Data

Google always wants the data on your website to be accurate. Your content should be credible so the search engine can recommend it to the audience. It is also important to add recent information, as mentioned above. Old and outdated content can’t help you in ranking. No matter how much content you have on your website, as long as it’s obsolete, it will be of no use.

Voice Search

With AI taking over the world, Google claims that voice searches are the future. Still, many users search for their queries using voice search as it is more convenient. Google is working on its technology to allow voice search to understand human language as well as possible. You need to optimise your content for voice search, so when a user searches for relevant things using voice search, your content is recommended to it.

Hire a top London SEO Company.

Creating blogs might seem like an easy thing to do, but knowing everything about your business is not the only thing you need to start blogging. There are plenty of technical aspects in blogging that can help your business rank higher on the search engine. Hiring professional SEO services in the UK enables you to get expert marketers to work for your business and create unique strategies. They have the right knowledge required to make the strategy successful. They will know what is the right approach for your business, and they will provide results.

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