Why is Local SEO the Key to Success for Businesses on Google?

While taking the business globally is a goal for many business owners, a lot of them also work to gain the loyalty of their local customers. You might not be able to expand your business soon, but local SEO service is something that can help you take over your local audience in no time.

The Value of Local SEO

Since COVID-19, there has been a significant rise in local searches. Users are looking local businesses up, and it has made local SEO an important part of ranking on Google.

The search engine processes billions of searches every day, and it has been noticed that nearly 50% of those searches are made by people looking for local businesses. This makes it essential for businesses to have dependable local SEO strategies so they can benefit from this technique. If you don’t have a local SEO team working to grab local customers’ attention, you might be missing out on huge benefits.

Local businesses also have relatively better foot traffic, as when people search for things near them, they usually visit the location and make in-store purchases. People searching on mobile phones have even more chances of visiting your store, which is one of the reasons why local searches should be focused on by every business.

Following are some factors that matter if you want to make local SEO better in your business.


Your business and the online search should be relevant to each other. It is important to understand the search intent of your users so you can put out relevant content for them. If your website and business are not relevant to the customer’s query, Google won’t recommend your business even if you think you have specified the location.


It is a known fact that Google provides information that is authentic. The search engine gives utmost importance to user experience and won’t recommend a business with a bad reputation. Prominence is Google’s way of knowing how well-known your business is, both online and offline. Positive reviews from customers can help you have this factor on your website.


Your business should also be close to the location of the customer. Sometimes users specify the location they are searching for, but some users don’t specify it. In that case, Google uses their current location to recommend pages to them. Proximity is how close your business is to the customer’s location. You need to optimise your location on Google listings so it can be recommended to the customers when they search with the term “near me.”


Local SEO is a useful ranking factor, but many businesses are still not aware of its importance. This is the time to grab your local market before your competitors beat you to it. You can get local SEO service from an SEO company in London, and they can handle your local SEO concerns like professionals.

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