Is SEO And Digital Marketing the Same?

SEO and digital marketing are two terms that people always find confusing as they are often mistaken for the same thing. Since both of these are a part of new marketing techniques, people often consider them the same thing, which is far from reality. SEO and digital marketing are as different as the two things can be.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is just marketing that is done using digital tools. We are all well aware of the concept of marketing as it has been a part of the business world forever. Traditional marketing techniques have always left a lasting impression on people’s minds. However, with digital marketing taking the lead now, traditional marketing techniques have taken a backseat.

It is a world of social media, and it is only natural that people are spending more and more time on digital devices than on traditional marketing. Marketing has always been used to provide value to customers and increase brand awareness. Digital marketing does the same thing. It has a variety of tools, platforms, and services that enable businesses to grab their desired attention on the internet. It is made of tools like SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, online PPC advertisement, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. A digital marketing agency in London can help you get all the services so you can benefit from this industry to the fullest.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing tool and a part of digital marketing that allows businesses to grow organically on social media. Search engines like Google use different algorithms to measure the quality of content on each website and recommend the most relevant page to the users. The better your content aligns with the algorithm, the higher it will be ranked on Google. 

It increases the credibility of your website, and people get to know about the brand. SEO is a free tool, and everyone can benefit from it. You don’t need to pay Google to rank your website on the first page. If you follow the guidelines and hire an SEO agency to help you create effective SEO strategies, you can easily rank on Google without doing any paid advertisement. There are two aspects of SEO that you need to focus on.

On-Page Optimization

SEO on-page optimization refers to the content optimization on your website. It focuses on quality, content, internal linking, site performance, URL, image optimization, mobile friendliness, keywords, relevant title tags, headings, etc.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to all the activities that are done to increase the traffic of a website from outside. It mainly focuses on the social media presence of your business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., blog posting, articles, guest posts, backlinks, etc.

Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing

Following are some of the differences between SEO and digital marketing.

  • SEO is just a small part of digital marketing, whereas digital marketing is an industry on its own.
  • SEO results in free organic traffic, whereas digital marketing also includes paid promotions.
  • The cost of SEO and digital marketing is also different. As we mentioned, SEO is free, so it doesn’t require you to spend any money. However, digital marketing has many other services that might require you to spend money, like paid advertisements on social media platforms.

You will need a digital marketing agency in London if you want to get all the digital marketing services. Trajital can help you get all the benefits of digital marketing and SEO. Reach out to them now and let their team handle your marketing concerns.


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