How Will AI Change SEO?

You must have heard that Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, and many things will be changed in the future. Well, it is true.

AI has been making changes in many things, and SEO is no different. There are many new tools that have marketers wondering what is the future of SEO after AI.

AI can already analyse data faster than a human can possibly can, and it is not far from reality that AI is starting to dominate SEO as well. Google is already smart enough to know the changing world as it updates its algorithms every year to continue giving the best browsing experience for its users. In 2015, Google had announced that they were now using RankBrain to process search results, which is an AI tool. This tells us that Google knows the importance of AI in today’s world.

Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant have also made browsing more convenient for users. The acceptance of these AI tools has made it very clear to experts that the future of SEO is highly dependent on AI. In this blog, we will discuss how AI is changing SEO and what we can expect to change in the future.

Content Creation

If one thing that has never changed is that content is still the King in SEO. Google has always put much emphasis on producing quality content for its users, and it still aims to follow. Google uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyse and understand the content so it can suggest the right pages to its users. There have been a number of AI tools that help people in content creation. However, there hasn’t been a tool that is not identified because they lack the touch of human language. New AI tools for content creation are still on their way, and we expect to get one that resembles human language.

Keywords Research

Using the right keywords is one of the most crucial parts of SEO. If you do it wrong, everything else might also go in vain. Keyword research needs to be done right, and before AI, it was a difficult and time-consuming task for marketers. Now with new AI tools, keyword research has also become convenient and easy. The best SEO company in London incorporates this technology with their lived experience and brings out the best keywords for your website.

Predict Ranking

It is essential to know which steps will be right for you to rank. However, without AI, it isn’t possible to predict which step will lead you where. AI tools have made it easier to predict the ranking for marketers so they can now know what are necessary measures they need to take if they want to land on the first page of Google.

What To Expect?

While AI has made significant changes in SEO, it still continues to work and bring more changes to this marketing tool. As Google updates its algorithm every year, it requires regular auditing to identify problems. There are many things that Google doesn’t allow you to do, and if your website is found doing it, you can be penalised, which disrupts your traffic and has an overall bad impact on your website. In the future, we can expect AI to be able to detect any red flags on your website and save you from penalties.

It is also important to keep a check on your competitors so you can prepare yourself for any changes that they make on their websites. This task usually requires a lot of manual work, but this might change in the future as AI will come up with tools that will analyse your competitor’s moves and tell you how they will impact your website.

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