How to Boost Your Local Ranking on Google?

At a time when businesses and brands are going global, local advertising is providing just as many benefits. After COVID-19, there was a significant rise in the number of searches with “near me” in the query. This made it clear to Google that audiences want more local search results and are open to giving local businesses a try.

What is Local SEO?

We all know about Search Engine Optimization and its importance for businesses in today’s marketing. However, there has been a new category of SEO that has provided great benefits to business owners.

Local SEO refers to the SEO strategies that enable businesses to appear in local search results. Brands do this when they are aiming to target a specific area or location. Often people search for the query with either “near me” or the name of the location. If your content is optimised for local SEO, your website will get ranked in local searches, and more local audiences will find out about your business. Here are some ways to boost your local ranking on Google without hiring professional local SEO services.

Google Maps

If your business doesn’t appear on Google maps, there’s no chance it can get ranked on local searches. It is the most important factor in local SEO. You can add your business on Google maps yourself after proving the ownership of your business. Once your business is added to Google maps, it will be easier for you to get ranked when people search it with the location. 

You also need to claim your listings on Google maps and add as much information there as you can. You can add your address, phone number, website, opening hours, areas of service, products/services, etc. Anything that you think is relevant to your business and customers can be added, and it will help you rank higher. If you already have your business Google maps, you can skip this step and move to the next one.

Name, Phone Number, and Address

Google only wants to recommend credible information and websites to its users; hence it demands consistency. If you change your name, phone number, or address on Google, it will have a bad impact on your reputation, and Google might not consider your business reliable. Try to be consistent with these things, so your chances of ranking are increased.


Putting photos on your Google maps information also helps in local ranking. Google likes it when you add pictures to your listing because it shows that you are a real and active business. Customers also love to see photos as it helps them know your business better. You can take photos of the exterior and interior of your business place and upload them all on Google maps. It will surely help your local ranking.

Customer Reviews

When your website has good customer reviews, the chances of ranking are higher. Google likes to see customer reviews, and it also helps the customers learn about others’ experiences with your business. Once you have a listing on Google, you can ask customers to leave their feedback there, and when they do, you need to reply to them. By doing this, you will be showing the customers and Google that you are attentive and here to solve your customers’ problems.


Ranking higher on local searches has worked exceptionally well for businesses in the last few years, and this trend is going to keep growing. If you want local SEO services for your business, you can follow this guide, or you can also hire a professional SEO agency to help you with it.

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