How Content Marketing and SEO are Interlinked with Each Other?

A combination of content marketing and SEO strategies is what you need to drive organic traffic to your website. 

Every brand is constantly looking for ways to gain customers’ attention in different ways. Digital marketing has been one of the most useful tools for promoting businesses for the last several years. Since the world relies on the internet now, traditional marketing strategies have been less efficient than digital marketing.

Businesses hire professional SEO agencies in London to help them create effective strategies and spread their brand awareness. It is important to hire a London SEO company for better results because they are experienced and qualified for the job. You might think you can handle your digital marketing yourself, but it is far from being a walk in the park. 

You need to have proper knowledge of different tools so you can ensure that your strategies are going to work. Search engines update their algorithm more quickly than you might think. Google is the most used search engine in the world, and we all use it every day for browsing. It is a goal for every business on the internet to rank as high as possible on the search engine. However, it is not as easy as it may seem.

What is SEO?

If you have been working to make your brand known to the audience, you must have heard about the term SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it enables Google to determine which content is going to rank in which spot. Businesses need to optimise their websites for SEO, so Google can crawl and index them before it recommends them to the users. 

Google is also known for changing its algorithm every year and not announcing the changes in detail. Many business owners find their strategies from last year not being useful anymore, and there’s something wrong with their website. While it simply means that the search engine has different criteria for ranking now. For this job, you need a professional London SEO company with expert marketers so they can identify the changes and create an even better strategy for your business.

What is Content Marketing?

How do you expect your website to rank higher on Google when you don’t have content?

You cannot take content out of SEO because both of these aspects of marketing are interlinked with each other. Google wants its users to have the best experience. Hence it only recommends websites that produce valuable and relevant content for their audience. You need to have a strong content marketing base for your SEO to work. If your content is not strong, you might not be able to rank as high as you wish.

Content marketing is a way to build trusting relationships with your customers. You are supposed to answer your customers’ queries and give them solutions for their problems. It leads to customer loyalty, and if done correctly, content marketing can have many benefits for the brand’s SEO.

Relationship Between SEO and Content Marketing

The reason why working on SEO is vital for businesses these days is because everyone is trying to gain the audience’s attention towards themselves. As a business owner, if you don’t start working on SEO, your competition will. SEO is needed to put your business on the map for the customers to find you. But how do you plan to do it without content?

You need to engage with your audience to build online visibility for your brand. This can seem daunting, but SEO agencies in London have professional content marketers to help you create useful content for your audience. You need to have a proper marketing plan and schedule for your content to make this strategy work. Google would want to know what help users will get by clicking on your link, and you can assure the search engine of the quality of your content only.

How does Content Marketing Boost SEO Ranking?

You could write the best content in the world, but it won’t be of any use if it doesn’t get ranked higher on Google. Your content needs to contain relevant keywords in the right places so that it can see the light of day. Many business owners don’t understand why their content is not ranking higher when the quality is good. What they miss is that it needs to have proper keywords to target the right audience.

There are many different things your content needs to have to boost the SEO ranking, including keywords, visual effects, Alt text images, etc. You need to boost your digital content by keeping different things in mind at all times. The best SEO agency in London can help you understand the flaws of your content and assist you in improving it.

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As a London SEO company, we know that content marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. You cannot work with one and succeed while ignoring the other. Content creation can be difficult, especially when the competition for Google is as tough as it is these days. Every brand is out there, giving its best and creating strategies that are hard to beat. However, we are here to help. Following are some effective tips for content marketing for SEO.

Set Objectives

Before you start working on your strategies, it is important to understand that SEO and content marketing both works hand-in-hand. There’s no focusing on one thing and ignoring the other. You need to first know what you plan on producing. There are different types of content created for different audiences and different industries. You need to determine which type of content is best suitable for your audience.

Once you have done that, make a list of things that you want to talk about on your website. Your customers might have some questions they need answers to, and you can find them out with some research. Try to search different terms on Google related to your business that you think your customers might be curious about and see how many results show up. If you answer all their questions in your content, Google will have no other choice but to consider your content valuable.

Keyword Research

We cannot emphasise enough that you need to do strong keyword research to get the right keywords for your audience. There are tools that SEO agencies in London use to find out relevant keywords; hence, they ensure to identify the keywords faster than anyone. Keywords determine which audience gets to see your content. If you use irrelevant keywords, your content might not be able to reach your desired audience.

Google recommends content to its users depending on the search intent and keywords on the page. If your research is lacking or you haven’t incorporated those keywords in the right place, there is a high chance that your content won’t be recommended. Finding the keywords also give content marketers the starting point as they can create topics that answer all the queries regarding those keywords.

Optimise the Content

You can only expect to rank higher on Google if your content and website are optimised for SEO. This is usually the first step for every website. You need to consider all the requirements of Google, like having useful content with relevant keywords, Alt text images, internal links, title tags, meta descriptions, headers, etc. It is also essential to have a mobile-friendly version of your website so users that browse on their mobile phones can also easily read your content. 

Google has made mobile versions of websites compulsory in the last few years as there has been a significant rise in the number of people browsing on their phones. It is quick and easy; hence, Google wants to serve its users in the best possible way.

Guest Posts

There are different types of SEO that one needs to focus on. You need to work on all of them. These types include off-page SEO, and guest posts come under this type. Off-page SEO generally refers to the activities outside the website that generate traffic on the website, like social media handles etc. 

You can have other websites publish content for your website on their own pages. This creates backlinks, and Google considers your content credible. This content doesn’t have to be as high in quality as on-page content, but it sure helps you get ranked higher on Google. If you get a good amount of guest posts, Google identifies your website as credible and valuable for its users. This also leads to better ROI and conversions and brings organic traffic to your website.

Help for Audience

The main purpose of SEO and content marketing is to rank higher on Google, but it shouldn’t be your only purpose. You should focus on helping your customers as well. When you plan your content for SEO, think about what value it will have for the audiences. Is it going to answer all the questions for your customers or not?

You must think about your user’s search intent before publishing your content. If the users are not getting much help from your website, Google will have absolutely no reason to recommend it to them. You can track the user’s journey on your website with the help of Google analytics. It is easy to identify whether the customers are finding your content helpful or not.


It might be difficult for new business owners or marketers to understand the relationship between SEO and content marketing because they are different yet the same and have many layers to their relationship. In simple words, it can be said that SEO needs content to work its magic. You cannot rank anywhere without having good-quality content on your website. And content needs SEO to be seen because no matter how great your content is, if it is not backed with powerful SEO strategies, it won’t be seen by your audience. 

You need both to stand tall in this competitive world of digital marketing, and trust us when we say that some businesses are out there working their best with both of these marketing techniques. You also need to buckle up and get started with your SEO strategies and create content that is worth ranking on Google’s first page.

We can help you with it. Trajital is the best SEO agency in London. We have expertise in content marketing and SEO, as our marketers have years of experience working with clients from different industries. We aim to build trusting relationships with our clientele so they can communicate their expectations and goals with us.

FAQs about Content Marketing

1. Does content marketing work?

Yes, content marketing 100% works and you can clearly see the results if you have done things right. However, you need to focus on optimising your content for SEO so it can rank higher. Otherwise, your efforts might be in vain.

2. How does marketing increase sales?

When you post content for your audience to see, you are providing them with solutions to their problems. If the users find your solutions helpful, they are very likely to purchase your products.

3. How would educating customers help my business?

Customers have an infinite number of options for products and services, and they want to purchase the best. If you educate your customers, they will be able to make a more informed decision and might consider you first when making the purchase. It also leads to customer loyalty because if you provide useful information, customers will see your brand as someone that cares about them.

4. Must the content be unique?

We have seen many marketers and business owners stressing about coming up with something that has never been seen before. While it is important to create unique content, and Google will also appreciate creativity, it is not always about that. The way you present your content is what makes the difference. Even if you have addressed the same issue as other websites, your content should be original. Hence, your focus should be more on how rather than what.

5. How often should I post content for SEO?

Google wants you to be as regular as you can with your content. If you want to rank higher on the search engine, it is advised to make a schedule for posting. Your marketing team can handle this on your behalf while you can focus on providing your customers with the best products and services.

6. How can I make my content go viral?

There is no sure-shot answer to this because anything can go viral at any time. However, regardless of the type of industry you belong to, you need to be creative, address an issue directly, use emotional appeal, have an engaging format, and well promote the content as much as you can. The more people see your content, the better chance it will have of going viral.

7. Can I do content marketing myself?

Yes, you sure can.

There’s no rule about hiring a professional marketing team to handle your content marketing and SEO strategies. If you think you can handle it yourself, no one can stop you from doing that. However, it is important to understand that it is not as easy as it may seem at first. You need to be consistent and dedicated for a long time because it doesn’t work overnight. Hiring a London SEO company will allow you to stay focused on your business while the experts handle your marketing.

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