Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) With Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an effective tool to boost SEO services for your business. It helps you stay on top of search engine ranking and optimise your overall performance while regulating your technical and non-technical SEO practices.

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If you are new to search engine optimization (SEO) or looking for ways to expand your business online through different SEO tools, this blog is for you. Let us look further and understand what Google Search Console is, how it works for your SEO, and tips to make its benefits more effective.

What is Google Search Console (GSC)?

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that helps you monitor and improve their website’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is an essential tool for search engine optimization (SEO) because it provides you with valuable information about how Google crawls and indexes your website.

This tool ensures you can see search queries that lead to your website, how many times your website appears in search results, and how often users click on the website in search results. This information is invaluable for optimising the website’s content and structure to improve its visibility and ranking in search results.

Using Google Search Console, website owners can identify and fix issues affecting their website’s search engine visibility and ranking.

Features Provided By Google Search Console

Search analytics is one of the main features of GSC, and other than that, it also supports index coverage, mobile optimization, and protection for your website. The key features provided by Google Search Console assist your SEO practices and improve your website for crawlability and online ranking.

Index Coverage

This feature shows how Google crawls and indexes your website pages, identifies indexing errors, and provides guidance on how to fix them. It provides information on the number of pages that have been indexed, any errors or warnings that Google has encountered when crawling the website, and guidance on how to fix those issues.


This feature allows website owners to submit sitemaps and see the status of submitted sitemaps. You can submit sitemaps through Google Search Console to help Google crawl and index your website more effectively. The sitemaps feature shows the status of submitted sitemaps and any errors that may be preventing Google from crawling and indexing.

Mobile Usability

Mobile usability identifies mobile usability issues on the website and provides you with recommendations for improvement.

Security Issues

Security issues are a major part when it comes to a website. This feature alerts website owners if there are any security issues on their website, such as malware or hacking attempts.

How Does It Work In Favour of SEO?

Google Search Console favours SEO services and provides an analytics report showing the search queries that drive traffic to a website and how often the website appears in search results. This information can help website owners to identify high-performing keywords and optimise their content to increase their website’s visibility and ranking in search results.

This incredible tool also provides information about the CTR for each search query and page, allowing website owners to identify pages with low CTR and optimise them to improve their click-through rates. It assists index coverage and allows you to identify indexing errors that can limit website crawlability. It is important for maintaining the website’s reputation and preventing it from being penalised by Google.

Setting Up a Google Search Console Profile

An SEO company focuses on setting your account on this tool as it can provide unlimited benefits for your business. Many SEO professionals recommend this tool because it makes your job easier and adequately handles SEO practices.

In order to set up your business on Google Search Console, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Search Console and sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, create one.
  • Click the “Add Property” button and enter your website’s URL. Make sure you enter the correct URL.
  • There are several ways to verify ownership of your website. The easiest method is the HTML tag method, where you copy the meta tag provided by Google and paste it into the header section of your website’s home page. You can also use other methods like uploading an HTML file or verifying via your domain provider.
  • Once you’ve completed the verification process, wait for Google to confirm your ownership of the website.
  • If your website can be accessed via both www and non-www URLs, you can choose your preferred domain in the Search Console settings.
  • Go to the “Sitemaps” section in the Search Console and submit a sitemap of your website. It will help Google understand your website’s structure and index your pages more efficiently.
  • You can set up email notifications to receive alerts about indexing errors, security issues, and other important updates related to your website.
  • Once your website is verified in the Search Console, you can explore other features such as search analytics, index coverage, mobile usability, and more.

Following these steps, you can set up your Search Console and use it to optimise your website for better search engine performance.

Setting up Google Search Console is essential for any business that wants to improve its search engine visibility and ranking. 

5 Tips To Use Google Search Console To Improve SEO

Find essential SEO metrics for your website

There are some significant metrics that you have to look at while working on your SEO planning. Google Search Console helps you identify these metrics and help you understand them. Important SEO measures like clicks, impressions, CTR, and average rank for the pages of your website are provided by the Search Analytics report in GSC. This information can be used to determine the keywords that bring visitors to your website and improve your content for them.

The Index Coverage report demonstrates how Google indexes and scans the pages of your website. This report can help you find any indexing problems, such as errors, warnings, and excluded pages, and correct them so that all of the pages on your website are indexed.

The backlinks to your website and the sites linking to it are displayed in the Links report. This report can be used to track the backlink profile of your website and spot potential link-building possibilities.

Keep an eye on your local keywords

This tool can help you track local keywords for your web content and optimise your overall website per the searches made by potential customers. You can specify a target group of audience or area for your website in Google Search Console, which aids Google in determining the location of your target market. You can make sure that your website shows in local search results and draws local traffic by configuring the proper geo-targeting settings. 

Google My Business, a platform for managing your business’s details on Google, is integrated with Google Search Console. You can monitor the effectiveness of your Google My Business listing, including the number of views, clicks, and actions done on your listing, by connecting your Google My Business account to Google Search Console.

A professional SEO company recommends keeping an eye on keywords and conducting effective research to make a list of potential keywords and key phrases that aligns with your web content. 

This can assist you in tracking the visibility of your company in local search results if your website includes information about your local business, such as your location, phone number, and business hours. You can find areas for improvement and make sure that your company shows relevant search results by keeping an eye on the impressions and clicks for your local business information. 

Analyse Click through Rate (CTR) of your website

By monitoring the CTR, you can have a narrowed-down analysis of what needs to be done in order to boost your search engine results and rankings. The effectiveness of your website in search results is thoroughly examined in the GSC success report. This report displays the overall clicks, impressions, CTR, and average rank for the pages of your website. This information can be used to monitor your website’s overall CTR effect and spot areas for development. 

Google Search Console gives you the option to compare the effectiveness of two different versions of a website using A/B testing. You can determine which version of the page works better in search results and make adjustments to increase the CTR by tracking the CTR for each version of the page.

Decrease bounce rates

Google Search Console allows you to decrease bounce rates with its search analytics report. This shows you the pages on your website with the highest bounce rates. By analysing these pages, you can identify issues such as slow loading times, poor user experience, or irrelevant content that may be causing visitors to leave the page quickly.

Another way to prevent bounce rates is by improving the speed of your webpage. The Speed report in GSC can show you the average loading time for your website’s pages. Slow loading times can frustrate visitors and cause them to leave the site quickly. Optimising the page speed can improve the user experience and decrease bounce rates.

Crawl errors are also a major reason why the bounce rate of your page increases. If search engines can’t access your website’s pages, visitors won’t be able to find them, which can cause high bounce rates. With the help of the crawl errors report in Google Search Console, you can ensure that your website is accessible to both search engines and visitors.

Build internal links to increase your website’s ranking

Google Search Console provides recommendations for best practices for internal linking, such as avoiding excessive internal linking and using descriptive anchor text for links. By following the best practices for your website, you can ensure that your internal links are effective and beneficial for SEO.

Also, the Internal Linking report in GSC shows you the pages on your website with the most internal links and the pages that are linked to most frequently. By analysing this data, you can identify pages that may need more internal links to improve their visibility and authority.

Internal links work on your credibility and allow customers to trust your products/services and all the information you have put on your website. Google Search Console enables you to upload your website’s sitemap, which can assist you in building internal links. The sites on your website are listed in a sitemap file, which is used by search engines to crawl and index the pages on your website. You can make sure that all of your sites are indexed and accessible to users by sending a sitemap to GSC.

Using Other SEO Tools Alongside Google Search Console

With the passage of time, you will realise that you require more analytical data for your website once you see growth in your numbers and reach. 

Therefore, it would be beneficial to use data from other effective SEO tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, Yoast, Moz, and Ahrefs as you progress and get better at the practice.

This way, you get the adequate data you need to ensure that your practices and alterations are effective. Using multiple tools also allows you to rule out errors and reduce the chance of putting up irrelevant content on your website.

Final Thoughts

Google Search Console is a highly recommended SEO tool that performs different analyses and generates several reports distinguishing all SEO metrics you need to consider for effective SEO planning. 

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Kickstart your SEO journey today and watch your website grow with sustainable success.


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