6 Tips to Help You Create SEO-Friendly Content

Content creation is a vital part of SEO, and every business wants to create useful and SEO-friendly content on its website. But one technique that no one focuses on is the optimization of old content on your website.

As the best SEO agency in London, we know the benefits this technique can bring to our clients. Google doesn’t consider outdated content when it crawls your website. It only wants to recommend relevant and updated information to its users. But you must have posted a ton of content on your website already in the past; what about it?

Optimising your existing content enables your website to get additional traffic. You could be sitting in a gold mine and not realising it. All of your old content can be essential and help you rank higher on Google if you just pay attention and apply this underrated tactic.

Old Content

Google wants you to be consistent with your content. You create content regularly, and it gets ranked for a few months, then you think it has done its job and move on to the new content. This is not right and a huge waste of good content. If you keep doing it, you’ll be left with a ton of content that has no purpose on your website.

You can simply make some changes to make the old content relevant today, and it will bring new life to it. You will have much more content on your website, and everything will be relevant, so Google will also be able to recommend it to users.

Base New Content on Existing Content

Another way to make use of your old content is to try new forms of media. Today video content is extremely popular, and podcasts have gained much popularity in the last few years. If you have a lot of old content in written form on your website, you can also turn it into video content or do a podcast on the same topic. This technique will enable you to follow trends and also make use of your old content, so it doesn’t go to waste.

Infuse New Keywords

Keywords change with time, and so does their relevance. Back in the day, you must have done your best researching for the keywords and used the best ones in your content. However, there’s still a chance that those keywords might not be as relevant now. You can check the keywords used in your old content and replace them with new keywords that are relevant today. This will freshen up your content a bit, and you can also add a small section of a new topic if you consider it important.

The right use of keywords is one of the biggest ranking factors, and if your keywords are irrelevant, there’s no way your website can make its way up there. You don’t have to go the extra mile to research keywords for old content. You must be searching for the keywords for your new content; try not to forget about what you have already done. While you search keywords for new content, bring out some more for your existing content as well.


Optimization of existing content is an underrated technique. Many content creators still ignore it and continue to create new content for their websites, while the old content serves no purpose. If you want the best SEO agency in London to handle your content’s SEO, visit Trajital.

We have expert marketers who have years of experience with content creation. We create effective strategies for our clients and help them rank on the first page of Google.

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