4 Ways to Rank Higher on Google in 2023

Google is the alpha of search engines, and everyone knows about it. We are browsing search engines every day without realizing their importance in today’s world. Businesses are also competing with each other to get the highest rank on Google results.

Since customers spend a lot of their time searching for things on Google, it gives businesses a chance to gain recognition and attention from them. What better way to make your brand known today than ranking on the first page of Google so everyone can see what you are selling?

There are hundreds of factors that can improve your Google ranking, and every year Google changes them to make the algorithms sharper. The search engine is the best in the world, and it aims to provide the best experience to its users as well. To make this happen, Google is continuously working hard to make itself smarter so it can recommend better and the most relevant information for the users.

If you don’t have a professional SEO company handling your SEO strategies, you need some knowledge to handle them yourself. Following are some of the ways that can help you rank higher on Google in 2023.

Match the Search Intent

Search intent is the “why” of the query. You need to know why the customer would want to visit your website and view your content. There must be some answers that they are looking for, so you need to understand what is the search intent of the customer for searching this keyword once you have identified that you can make your content relevant by answering that “why” for them. By doing this, you will also let Google know that you know what you are doing.

Cover the Full Topic

Matching the search intent is not all you need to do. The customer should be satisfied with the answers, and their search should end with you. You need to cover the entire topic so you can ensure that you have given all the relevant information and there’s nothing more the customer could ask. If the customer still has unanswered questions, they will continue to browse, and this will impact your website badly.

Update Old Content

You will hardly see a 10-year-old page ranked on the first page of Google because the old information is most likely to be irrelevant now. It is important to keep updating your pages, so your content stays fresh and relevant for the audience. Go through the existing content on your website and change some things if you need to and update the information. This little effort can work wonders in your Google ranking.

Build Credibility 

Google wants to know whether your content and website are reliable or not. It doesn’t recommend any content to the users until it proves to have credible information. You also need to build your brand’s credibility, and one of the ways to do that is by linking. You can link authentic websites to your content to back the information you have provided, and you can also ask other websites to link your content to their pages. Both ways work well for Google to know that your content is reliable.


There are many other ways to rank higher on Google, and some are complicated enough to only be possible for a professional SEO company. If you want to know more about SEO and wish to gain the benefits this marketing tool has to offer, we can help you with it.

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