How Can SEO Boost Your Digital Content In 2023?

Everyone in the digital world has heard about the term SEO. It is a game-changing factor in digital marketing, and you’re probably here to know all about this marketing tool and how you can use this to boost your digital content in 2023. So keep reading, as in this article, we discuss SEO in detail to help you understand the basics that will increase your social media ranking. But first, we need to understand what SEO actually is.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing tool that is designed to help businesses get recognition on social media browsers like Google. It helps the brands rank on the browser and drives organic traffic, which makes this tool extremely beneficial for small businesses that don’t have enough resources to run a paid marketing campaign.

There’s a lot more to SEO than what we defined above. As you can see, the definition is vague. SEO is a marketing tool that has evolved a lot over the years, and as time goes by, it continues to make changes in the algorithm so brands can add different SEO services to their marketing strategies. There are three macro areas within SEO that work to get your website up there.

Despite having multiple areas, SEO only has one goal for the brands, and that is to help them drive organic traffic to their website. All the areas in SEO work to make that goal a success; while some are more effective areas than others, every area has its importance.

Basics Of SEO

SEO is a broad term that contains the world of social media in it. Hence, it is not possible to talk about everything here and explain the advanced ranking factors to you. However, there are some basic things that play a vital role in boosting your content on the browsers. We are going to discuss some of those basic ranking factors one by one.

On-Page Hygiene

On-page refers to your website. Having a clean and tidy website is extremely important for SEO ranking. People often overlook the themes and designs of their website and focus more on the content, which is a good thing but not at the cost of your on-page hygiene. You need to create a website that represents your brand in the most professional way. Use the colours and designs smartly, so your website looks clean and pleasing to the eyes. 

It should also be easy to follow; if your website is too complicated, the audience will quickly lose interest and leave, which won’t be good for your ranking. An SEO agency can help you develop a professional website according to the nature of your business; get professional help to make sure that your website has this basic factor checked.

Keyword Search

Another basic ranking factor that everyone might already know of is the keyword search. If you have been dealing with social media content for a while, you must already know how important keywords are. They are basically the source of your content being found. Your website cannot be ranked if you have not used the right keywords for your business. 

You, again, might need experts to find the right keywords for your content, and an SEO company is the best way to go about it. You can also use the free keyword searching tool WordStream, but it won’t be as accurate as an SEO agency. Having the right keywords infused in your content will boost its ranking and open many doors for you, so it’s better not to take any risks with this factor.


Google puts much interest in linking for many reasons. First and foremost, it ensures the credibility of your website. If you link authentic websites in your content, Google will know that you are also providing authentic information regarding the topic at hand. You can also ask some other writers to use your content’s link in their blogs so Google knows that your content is being linked with other websites, which makes it even more credible. 

Another important basic step in linking is internal linking which means that one page of your domain leads to another. For example, if you have written about a topic in detail on one page, you can briefly mention it on a different page so viewers can read the details here and link that page there so the audience can easily find it. This also makes it easier for Google to identify which of your pages is most useful and informative.

Content Generation

When it comes to content, it is essential to be consistent and regular first. You cannot post once a month and expect Google to rank your website when there are businesses that are posting content four times a week. Consistency is the key to SEO, and you need to continuously put out valuable content for the audiences, whether it be blogs, visuals, or engaging content. It is also important to identify which type of content is the most suitable for your business, and an SEO company can help you do that. 

For the last few years, the world has seen the immense popularity of TikTok, which made other social media platforms introduce their own feature that would allow users to post short videos and reels. For example, Instagram now does most of its ranking based on the reels users make; if someone wants to increase the reach on this platform, they need to start making creative reels for Instagram to push the content. 

3 Tips For Creating Quality Content

There was a time when Google did not have such smart algorithms, and many lousy websites and content were used to get ranked just by stuffing keywords. However, this is not the case anymore. Google has become much smarter, and it can now identify whether your content’s quality is good. Here are some tips to help you generate good-quality content.

  1. Know Your Audience

You are creating this content for your audience, so it doesn’t make sense that you don’t know what your audience wants. Know the user intent and why they are at your website. You can only provide them with value when you know what they are looking for. Knowing your audience will allow you to create something valuable, and Google will be able to rank your content higher.

  1. Break The Text

People don’t have a high attention span these days. In this fast world, everyone is looking for quick answers, and if your content looks too lengthy, the users might not bother reading it. Google measures the value of your content by the user’s movement on your website. If the user quickly leaves your page, that simply means that your content failed to provide what the user came for, and it will affect your SEO ranking. Breaking the text is one way to keep users on your website, as short paragraphs are easy to read as compared to long texts.

  1. Make It Actionable

Your audience is looking for some answers while seeing your content, and there can be nothing worse than being unable to deliver what they came for. They will spend time reading your blogs, and if, in the end, they’re still left with questions unanswered, that simply means you failed to provide enough value to the users. You should try to explain the topics as much as you can in your content, so your users get out content.


Is there a way for Google to know what your content is about? Yes, there is.

The use of the right tags, headers, descriptors, etc., allows Google to identify the purpose of your content and push it to the relevant users. HTML can sound scary at the start, but you don’t have to know coding to work on your HTML. You simply need to make sure that you use all the HTML elements like the use of H1, H2, H3…, meta description, Alt text, etc. All this will enable Google to find out the right audience for your content, and if you think HTML is too complicated for you, you can anytime turn to a professional SEO agency and get their help with this SEO factor.

Page Speed

As we mentioned earlier, people in this fast world don’t have time to waste. They are looking for quick answers while browsing, and researchers have shown that users don’t stick to a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So it can be said that if your website takes more than 3 seconds, there’s a high chance that your audience will leave your page and switch to the competitors.

For this reason, Google has made page speed one of the many ranking factors for SEO. If you want your page to rank higher, you need to keep the audience on it for as long as you can, and having a slow page won’t help you. Work on your website’s speed and make sure that users don’t leave after 3 seconds.


Browsing has become a part of our daily lives, just like mobile phones. Smartphones have made searching even easier for people. You can be on the subway and search for something you suddenly thought of on your phone. With this ease, people are more and more comfortable searching on their phones, and Google has made mobile-friendliness another ranking factor. If your website doesn’t have a mobile-optimised version, there’s a high chance that it won’t get ranked because Google now crawls websites with their mobile phone versions.

Google keeps its users as the top priority, and it only works to make the browsing experience easy for the audiences. If your website doesn’t allow them the same experience, Google will have no reason to rank it higher, which is why you should work on your mobile phone version if you haven’t done it already.

Benefits Of Hiring An SEO Agency

Getting professional help might be the way for you to make your way to the first page of Google. There’s nothing wrong with handling your SEO strategies on your own, but it can be tiresome to run a business and handle marketing at the same time. Following are some benefits of hiring an SEO company that might convince you to go for it.

Saves Time

First and foremost, as we said, it can be difficult to handle everything at once. As a business owner, your utmost responsibility should be to deliver good quality products or services to the customers, and you should focus on that only. If you handle SEO services alongside, it might affect your brand’s quality which is not what we want. You can handle the business and let the professionals handle SEO services. They will do all the hard work for you, from searching keywords to posting content regularly, and it will save a lot of time for you.

Expert Services

Let’s face it; you are no expert in SEO to handle such an important task by yourself. SEO can work wonders for your business if it is done right, and only the experts know how to do it right. You need to put your trust in a professional SEO agency and let them work its magic. Their knowledge and experience with SEO will surely bring you great results that might not be possible if you do it on your own.

Experienced Advice

An SEO company works with many clients at once. They will have experience working with other similar businesses as yours, and they will be able to give you effective advice with the help of their valuable experience. They must have helped other companies in your niche reach the top of Google, and they might be able to share some valuable insights about SEO with you. So why not hire them instead of struggling all alone?

Lower Chances Of Failure

Since SEO companies are experienced and have expert marketers to handle SEO services for their clients, the chances of their failure are much less. If you handle SEO yourself, there might be uncertainty about whether you will be able to rank or not. However, with an SEO agency, there are more chances of getting ranked. 

There’s another reason why hiring an SEO agency will result in success, and that is because they can use technical SEO. It is not as easy as basic SEO and needs an in-depth understanding of the tool. You can change your campaigns and update your content by looking at the analytics, but it can only happen if you have a dependable team to break it down for you. Otherwise, you might be lost in the analytics, not knowing what to get from this.

Update On Trends

Believe it or not, social media ranking depends greatly on the trends as well. As a business owner, you might not have enough time to stay updated with the new trends, but an SEO company does it because it’s their job. They can create content by keeping the latest trends in mind so your website and content get ranked. Without an SEO agency, it can be difficult for you to keep an eye on the trends, which is another reason why many businesses choose to hire SEO companies.


It goes without saying that if you hire an SEO company, you will have to pay them, which is one of the reasons why some businesses prefer to handle their SEO by themselves, but let us tell you, it’s not the right move. If you want good results, you will need to pay some money. There are different SEO companies that offer different packages to their clientele. Some of them are extremely affordable and cost-effective. You can do thorough research and see which SEO agency is providing the most value to you at affordable rates.


SEO can be risky if an inexperienced person handles it. You need to know what you are doing with this tool to ensure the safety of your business. There are many scams and hackers on social media that can easily hack your website, and if you are not careful, it can happen. A professional SEO agency in the UK knows what they are supposed to avoid and what can bring harm to the client’s website. It is better to leave the safety of your company in professional hands rather than handling it yourself and facing bigger problems in the future.

Final Thoughts

Whether you hire an SEO agency in the UK or handle your SEO yourself, it can be a long race. There’s no magic, and SEO also takes time to work. It is essential to stay consistent and regular with your content and patient with your progress. If you lose hope and stop working on your SEO, you will be back to square one, and we don’t want that.

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